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RV On The Go Gadgets at DaytonaPerformanceMarine

RV On The Go Gadgets

Expert Article By: Barrie Poole

There are many gadgets out there to make your RV lifestyle easier and ultimately safer when you travel. You no longer have to search for useful gadgets. Now you need only go to the Website for RV On The Go Gadgets, where you will find lots of Gadgets that will make you smile.

When you pull into a full hook-up site the fun really begins. After leveling and putting out your slides, you must hook up your Power Cord. When you have ?Plug Dogs? installed on the connector end of the cord, you can safely and easily remove your Power Cord from the Electrical Disconnect and from your adapters without any twisting, turning or straining when it is time to unplug.

Hooking up the water hose is the same easy confident move when you have a ?Quick Connect? gadget on the end of your hose. Simply hold the hose up to the hose fixture and push up the connector and you?re done. No leaks, no twisting, no kinking and no twisting on a pre-connector to accept the quick connect.

Now comes the fun, hooking up the TV Cable. You simply undue the Velcro from your ?Coil-It? on the TV Cable, uncoil it, plug it in with your ?Quick Connect Straight or 90 degree? connector and you are done.

Your phone cord easily unwinds from your ?Retractable Phone or Modem cord? so plugging it in is also a snap. You smile to your self watching others struggle with tangled messes of hoses and cables and cords.

Now it is onto enjoying why you love the RV lifestyle. Open air, freedom, golfing, fishing, swimming, playing with the kids, those sundowner walks around the park, meeting new friends, enjoying long time companions, and those fabulous meals cooked in your Silicone Bake Ware.

When it comes time to leave and head onto different surroundings, you can confidently disconnect and coil the cables and cords easily with the help of the Coil-Its you installed. The phone/modem cord retracts easily into its holder, and the Plug Dogs make it a snap to take the Power Cable out of the electrical disconnect. Since you used your 50 Amp to 30Amp adapter, you can easily and safely disconnect the cable from the adapter without any twisting, turning, cursing or frustration.

Food preparation and cleanup is also a snap with the Silicone Bake Ware you can find on the site. It stows easily, is totally flexible, can go from freezer to oven, is FDA food grade Silicone won?t absorb any flavors, and cleans easily. Best of all IT DOES NOT RATTLE!!!

If you have an older RV and find that the roof leaks, you can find the revolutionary product EternaBond Leak Repair Kits on the site. Simply climb up on the roof, clean off the surface around the tear or hole, cut the EternaBond Tape to a length slightly longer than the tear or hole, peel the release liner off the tape and lay the tape over the tear or hole. Rub the tape onto the surface to activate its incredible adhesive qualities and you?re done. Peel, Stick, and Stuck. What could be easier?

Ah, Life is good! Want to know more? is the place to get all those wonderful Gadgets

About The Author

Barrie Poole, aka Bear, was an engineer aboard a Tuna Seiner carrying 1100 tons of Tuna. He built a 40 foot sailboat in his backyard and lived aboard for 12 years putting 35,000 miles under her keel. Today his wanderlust is satisfied with his 38 foot Class A Expedition. You may copy this article in it's entirety and you can see the Gadgets at

RV On The Go Gadgets News

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