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Fishing With Velcro

Expert Article By: Norb

Over the years I have made improvements in my fishing boat with the help of Velcro.

I have a portable fish-finder so to mount it and be able to remove it easily this was my fix. I glued down a number of one type of Velcro strips to my boats bench seat. The other type of Velcro strips to the bottom of the mounting bar on the fish-finder. This arrangement holds the finder firmly, yet just lift up and it is moved around so I can see the screen when I am sitting in my fishing seat. Allows easy removal to pack away at the end of the fishing day.

The second use I found was on the form rubber seat I use while controlling my outboard motor. The same manner of strips on the bench seat of the boat and the bottom of the foam seat. Holds firm while in use yet easy to remove and store at the end of the day.

Finally it has resolved my problem with my gas line vibrating free while running. It is a real pain to be watching what is in front of the boat and the gas line slips off. So I now have a small strip of Velcro over the connection on the motor and over the connector on the gas can. I now have the other side of the Velcro on the two ends of the gas line. This holds the gas line in place just fine; so I no have to be concerned with my motor dying on the river.

So if you need a few minor things to hold some of YOUR stuff together , think about what some Velcro can do to help. Tight lines NLCATFISH

You have permission to publish this article in its entirety either, electronically or in print, free of charge. As long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be greatly appreciated! Thank You.

About The Author

webmaster for Cincinnati Catfishing

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Australia's Abbott proposes buying 'smuggler' boats

The frontrunning candidate in Australia's election, Tony Abbott, would pay Indonesians for unseaworthy boats to stop them from ending up with people-smugglers, as part of a plan unveiled Friday.

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Gibraltar says Spanish fishermen can return

Spanish fishing boats will be allowed to return to disputed waters off Gibraltar but a controversial concrete reef will remain, the British outpost's political chief said in an interview published Friday.

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Marquis Yachts Names Aquamarine Boats & Yachts as Dealer for UAE

Marquis Yachts, LLC has appointed Aquamarine Boats & Yachts as its new representative for Marquis-brand yachts in the United Arab Emirates. Matthew VanGrunsven, Marquis' new vice president of global sales, ...

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1,000 migrants reach Italy on rickety boats

ROME (Reuters) - More than 1,000 migrants have arrived in Sicily aboard rickety boats in the past two days, after braving the dangerous voyage from Africa in search of work in the European Union, Italian officials said on Tuesday. Many thousands of migrants try to reach the southern shores of Italy every summer, when Mediterranean waters are sufficiently calm for small boats to make the crossing ...

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Australia's Abbott proposes buying boats to stop people-smuggling

The frontrunning candidate in Australia's election, Tony Abbott, would pay Indonesians for unseaworthy boats to stop them from ending up with people-smugglers, as part of a plan unveiled Friday.

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Captains hope tuna's on their marina menu

The first two boats headed out of Cape Ann's Marina Resort in the first inky moments of Friday morning, steaming out under the stars, hoping that the early-bird truism still held some juice. By sunup, the other 43 tuna boats had joined them, making t

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New bluefin tuna rules proposed in Atlantic, Gulf

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Boats using surface fishing lines with miles of baited hooks would get individual yearly limits for bluefin tuna bycatch under rules proposed to end the practice of dumping dead bluefin caught on hooks meant for other species.

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DFO seizes boats, nets, in investigation of salmon poaching

VANCOUVER - Fisheries and Oceans officers have seized eight boats and 50 gillnets as part of a crackdown on salmon poaching on British Columbia's Fraser River.

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Australia’s Tony Abbott proposes buying ‘smuggler’ boats

PM hopeful would pay Indonesians for unseaworthy boats to stop them ending up in the hands of people-smugglers

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Coalition plan to buy asylum boats

THE Coalition plans to stop the asylum boats by buying them from Indonesian villagers ... and then destroying them.

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